Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Met's dugout Posted by Picasa

Well Yea! Posted by Picasa

:O) Posted by Picasa

We were escorted to our seats!  Posted by Picasa

Swing wiggle wiggle wiggle Posted by Picasa

Baseball game!!! Our seats were fantastic! I'm not using the zoom here! Posted by Picasa

Do you see the bracelet on my arm? DO YOU SEE IT? It was made my sweet Meg's super sweet sister. Thank you Ali! Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 19, 2005

big haired backseat driver Posted by Picasa

Hershey Posted by Picasa

Hershey garden trail :O) Posted by Picasa

Katie at the Hershey restaurant Posted by Picasa

Lucy at the state fountain Posted by Picasa

Penn's state cap. Posted by Picasa

The Amish farm Posted by Picasa

Sea lions at Chocolate World! Posted by Picasa

Kurtis and Katie on the Hershey ride (the Hershey ride the Hershey ride!) Posted by Picasa

Curtis is helping me hold a HUGE 5 lb bar of chocolate Posted by Picasa

Big giant kiss flag Posted by Picasa

Hershey's equiv. to Six Flags :O) Posted by Picasa

AAAAHH! Posted by Picasa

CHOCOLATE WORLD?!?! Posted by Picasa

Oh yeah, I forgot... they offered me a job and I accepted. This is my Hershey factory worker's hat. I'm not quite sure what its purpose is, but I wear it with pride! They said they couldn't pay me a normal wage, but would give me my day's wages in chocolate..... I said that was A-ok with me :O) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Weeee Posted by Picasa

Me, Whittney and Hannah Posted by Picasa

Walking to the  Posted by Picasa