Sunday, October 30, 2005

la la la la.... the hills are alive with the sight of color....ah ah ah ah Posted by Picasa

Welcome to our trip to apple goodness and pumpkin fun. We drove to Winchester and Shenandoah to see the leaves. Fun times followed :O) Posted by Picasa

Jumping.. umm... for joy at the sight of apples? Posted by Picasa

Kurtis at the first apple orchard we went to... yes, we went to two. Posted by Picasa

on the drive up Posted by Picasa

This is Katie. Katie is my friend :O). Kate likes apples too.  Posted by Picasa

:O) Posted by Picasa

I don't know why I'm so drawn to these orchards! Apples are the best! Posted by Picasa

:O) Posted by Picasa

mmmmm... maybe I could live in VA Posted by Picasa

pretty shot Posted by Picasa

Goofy face number 1! Posted by Picasa

Goofy face 2 in car Posted by Picasa

Goofy face 3 in car Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 29, 2005

So, as interns we rarely see the sun because we're inside all day. On Saturdays we can do whatever we dang well please... well Hannah decided that, since we're usually denied the afore mentioned privileges, that she wasn't going to get back in the car! "You can't make me! I'm going to get all the sun I can hold! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Chris and I braved the D.C. drivers and VA road signs to find ourselves here... in Syria, VA for a day of fun at an apple festival :O) Posted by Picasa

We listened to Christmas music and Phantom of the Opera all the way (well, most of the way) there. It was a beautiful drive outside of D.C. Posted by Picasa

Aaaah, not bad. Nope, not bad one little bit :O) Posted by Picasa

The Blue Mountains!  Posted by Picasa

Welcome to Graves Mountain Apple Harvest Festival in Syria, VA. Many people drove to enjoy the day; there was a line back to Texas to get in! Posted by Picasa

They had hay bales set up for the little ones to play on. I wondered if there was an age limit, but thought it best not to ask. Posted by Picasa

They had really good food too. Apple butter worth giving up your right toe, apple sauce, iced apple cider and stew. Oh, and I can't forget the cloggers :O) Posted by Picasa

Wish you were here... heck, I wish I was there! Posted by Picasa

aahhh apple farm living... easy as, errr, ummm, apple pie?  Posted by Picasa

Chris came up to see me for the weekend. Don't these apples look like red potatoes? They were really really really good. Absolutely the best apples I have ever tasted! Posted by Picasa