Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Over the weekend, I took pictures of my KayciBug. She's a super cute senior now, but most of my memories are of her as a middle schooler.

Faded denim shorts.
Science club.
All As, but worried about her PE grade.
Make-up snafus like putting powder on her eyelashes which made them white...

Wait, that's not Kayci. That's me! :-)

Kayci has always been this cute.


We went around town and played.

The thunder was grumbling, the humidity shot up, the sky greyed across... but all we got was a sprinkle.

Good for us.

Stinky for the land.

Not stinky... OH MY GOSH, SHE'S SO CUTE!!! Make it stop.

I'll put up more later... but for now... enjoy her sweet dimples :-)

arf arf! can you see the pups in the background?