Friday, September 11, 2009

I was a McGruff puppet person in high school. McGruff the Crime Dog. Heck yes. Every year FCCLA would go to the elementary school with puppets and a CD (or was it a tape??) of a rockin’ song about staying in school, not doing drugs and being a good student/citizen/American.

That’s right. I am a world changer… be impressed.

Anyway, we didn’t say much, just moved our hands to make the McGruff puppet come alive... but… come on. You can’t be McGruff without at leaving at least one word of wisdom... Say No To Drugs!

It's a classic.

Well I’ve another word of wisdom… Say No to Boring Senior Pictures! I’m not anti-school pictures. I think everyone should have them… especially ones as sweet as these:

found here

found here

found here

Or this one…

HAHAHAHA! That’s me :-)

So, how about a fun and different alternative to school pictures? Or maybe in addition to school pictures.
We’ll have fun!
If you’re interested just shoot me through an email to or you can facebook me!
And if you’re heart is set on the standard chin on hand pose we can maybe work that in.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Over the weekend, I took pictures of my KayciBug. She's a super cute senior now, but most of my memories are of her as a middle schooler.

Faded denim shorts.
Science club.
All As, but worried about her PE grade.
Make-up snafus like putting powder on her eyelashes which made them white...

Wait, that's not Kayci. That's me! :-)

Kayci has always been this cute.


We went around town and played.

The thunder was grumbling, the humidity shot up, the sky greyed across... but all we got was a sprinkle.

Good for us.

Stinky for the land.

Not stinky... OH MY GOSH, SHE'S SO CUTE!!! Make it stop.

I'll put up more later... but for now... enjoy her sweet dimples :-)

arf arf! can you see the pups in the background?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Brother and I ran a local 5K on Friday. It was a night run… with glow sticks. Yesssssssssss. He’s way faster than me but slowed so we could stay together. Nice boy. I like group runs. They are my favorite.
Saturday morning, LinsMet came by and we left for a weekend in San Marcos!

But first, some wheatgrass.

LinsMet and I drove. LinsMet and I talked. LinsMet and I planned future Google searches.

LinsMet arrived in San Marcos, home of KatMaHa!


After some queso, breakfast tacos and tortillas, we rented SUNDAY SCHOOL MUSICAL. Sadly, what could have been the best movie of the month, was in actuality, the worst.

What in GGE?

Moving seamlessly into the next activity, the three of us went to Austin where we went shopping at Anthropology! Kat and I bought each other aprons :) Then we went to pick up Tam and Kat’s cousin, Dane! The four of us paraded around Whole Foods (A) looking for free samples (B) in shock of all the deliciousness (C) drinking juice (wheatgrass for Kat and Dane, carrot/celery/jalapenos/bell pepper/cilantro for me) (D) planning what we would eat if we weren’t going out for dinner.

To dinner! We ate at Magnolias where Seth Caron joined up for a few bites of leftovers and a trek up a mountain with stairs. Once up there, Kat, Dane and Seth climbed up on a structure to see a better view. The wind was blowing. We were worried someone might die.

But no one did, and we left with the memories of beautiful lights and shady people.


There were thousands of kites… thousands of them. Most wavering within feet of the ground, the colors and strings, and folks commandeering them all mixed together.

Super duper fun.

We couldn’t always get the kite up, but Kat’s a pro.

I love San Marcos.