Friday, September 11, 2009

I was a McGruff puppet person in high school. McGruff the Crime Dog. Heck yes. Every year FCCLA would go to the elementary school with puppets and a CD (or was it a tape??) of a rockin’ song about staying in school, not doing drugs and being a good student/citizen/American.

That’s right. I am a world changer… be impressed.

Anyway, we didn’t say much, just moved our hands to make the McGruff puppet come alive... but… come on. You can’t be McGruff without at leaving at least one word of wisdom... Say No To Drugs!

It's a classic.

Well I’ve another word of wisdom… Say No to Boring Senior Pictures! I’m not anti-school pictures. I think everyone should have them… especially ones as sweet as these:

found here

found here

found here

Or this one…

HAHAHAHA! That’s me :-)

So, how about a fun and different alternative to school pictures? Or maybe in addition to school pictures.
We’ll have fun!
If you’re interested just shoot me through an email to or you can facebook me!
And if you’re heart is set on the standard chin on hand pose we can maybe work that in.